Services Detail

Environmental Services

Map Group Ltd., has over 12-years of experience working in the Kurdistan Regional, providing a range of environmental services to both the KRG and private clients.
Our team of experienced and qualified experts/staff has completed hundreds of environmental services related projects across the region. These projects include but are not limited to EIA, ESHIA, EBS, routine monitoring, socio-economic surveys, waste management, HAZOP and Risk Assessment.

We provide a strong local perspective and understanding of regulations, work execution, and cultural traditions that are required during the development activities.

Since 2011, Map Group has worked in partnership and collaboration with CDM Smith (international engineering firm) to complete numerous and diverse environmental studies from the petroleum industry operating in the Kurdistan Region.
Our team structure combines local management, expertise, knowledge, and resources with international expertise, Quality Management/Quality Assurance, and international best practices.

This unique approach provides our clients with assurance that regulatory compliance and international best practices are incorporated through the process, providing high quality and results.


Believing in thriving and environmentally friendly future of Kurdistan region of Iraq, Map Group introduced the waste management services to the public and private sectors of the region in 2012.

We work in collaboration with International Oil Companies (IOCs) as well as International Environmental Engineering Companies to re-innovate our concept of waste management through Environmentally friendly solutions.
Our contemplated waste management plan is fully and successfully effective in workplace area, particularly in the field operation, thus supporting IOCs with their hydrocarbon exploration and production activities.
Map Group Ltd., is currently providing the entire waste management services to major international oil/gas companies, covering over six blocks across the region.

  • Waste Management Plan (WMP) Preparation
  • WMP Implementation
  • Coordination
  • Waste Asset/Item (i.e. Dumpster, bins, barrels etc.) Services
  • Waste Transportation
  • Waste Recycling Facilities
  • Waste Storage Facilities
  • Waste Incineration Service
  • Waste Water Service
  • Waste Tracking (GPS)
  • Record and Documentation
  • Waste Management Service Monitoring

  • We have found several recycling strategy solutions, working hard to eliminate any waste to be buried with our recycling approach. Our aim is to maximize the benefits of recycling waste in the region as well as subsidizing the waste management culture among companies, residents and the government.