Services Detail


Geotechnical investigation and exploration is necessary for any construction project. Engineering consultants’ office will benefit in a good outstanding for providing the correct designs according to the soil investigation results. The design data will benefit the owner for having an excellent-secured building for long-term utility. Our geotechnical department provides a variety of services against reasonable fees for fulfilling the needs of properties’ owners, engineering consultants’ offices, construction team, governmental sectors and private companies.
The geotechnical department offers geotechnical engineering services such as bearing capacity analysis, foundation analysis, settlement analysis, slope stability analysis and other related engineering analysis. Our team is capable to carry out the following geotechnical services:
  • Soil Drilling
  • Rock core drilling
  • Water well drilling
  • Monitoring well drilling
  • Groundwater survey drilling
  • Environmental drilling
  • Geotechnical Engineering & Consultancy


  • Grain size distribution and Hydrometer test
  • Natural water content
  • Atterberg limits (Liquid Limit & Plastic Limit)
  • Direct shear test
  • Consolidation test
  • Triaxial Tests
  • Unconsolidated Undrained test. (UU test)
  • Consolidated Undrained test. (CU test)
  • Consolidated Drained test. (CD test)
  • Proctor Test (Compaction test)
  • Permeability Test (LAB)
  • Compressive Test
  • Chemical Analysis (TSS+SO3+Organic+PH+Gypsum-Chloride)
  • Pin hole test
  • For testing the construction materials borrow areas with quarries of each (2.0 x 3.0) m surface in 4.0 depth with obtaining disturbed &undisturbed samples and rock samples for carrying out laboratory tests, this conclusion about the availability and suitability of construction materials. The quantities require cover needs of construction and distances from the dam site with (co-ordinations) for action plan.

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